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We believe that investing in people is priceless. It helps the individual, the community, city and the nation as a whole.

Sharjah Asset Management Holding is a dynamic and innovative company helping to shape the future of Sharjah. The joy in tackling the job and contributing ideas are part of what we do every day. Regardless of whether in investment, real estate project management and operations, the technical and logistics areas or in administration – a wide variety of people with diverse qualifications and backgrounds find a professional home with us.

As a driving force behind the economic and social development of Sharjah, Sharjah Asset Management Holding (SAMH) prides itself on its professionalism and competence. We believe that investing in people is priceless. It helps the individual, the community and the nation as a whole. Through partnering with world-class organizations locally and internationally, we invest in opportunities that hold exciting returns for the Emirate.

Whether Investment or Real Estate: SAMH business fields are just as diverse as the occupations for which we seek dedicated employees. Become part of SAM and find out more about our employment conditions and job vacancies on the SAM job portal.

Attracting & Nurturing Talent

- People-Centric Policies
- Element of Emiratization
- National Development Program

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LEAD Programme

- Preparing the next generation of leaders

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Sharjah Asset Management

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Some insights from our team

Working in Sharjah Asset Management is a profoundly positive experience, made pleasurable by being able to engage with truly professional, competent and committed colleagues who genuinely seek to support the company’s growth and successes.
- Gregg Downer
Employee Since 2014
I like the learning experience here at SAMH as I learn every day. The practical knowledge I gained by working here surpass my University studies and previous job and training experiences. I learned about the engineering aspect in buildings and project management that I apply at work. In terms of work interaction, by attending meetings outside of SAMH with different stakeholders, I learned how to be organized. I also learned to value other people’s time by preparing before I attend the meetings and working hard post-meeting to deliver what is required from me because in the end I am not only presenting myself, I am representing SAM as well.
- Amna Khalfan
Employee Since 2017
I am very grateful that Sharjah Asset Management has given me the opportunity to serve the Emirate of Sharjah through my presence with a team that works to diversify the sources of income for the Emirate and search for strategic business partnerships that provide the necessary community services and contribute to strengthen numerous sectors in the city.
- Rashed Burehaima
Employee Since 2014
I am proud to be part of SAMH family and to contribute to the development of the Emirate of Sharjah. My journey at SAMH started one year ago, it was full of challenges, great opportunities and new experiences that improved my skills and shaped my personality. SAM has introduced me to two of the most challenging and productive programs; SAP Young Professional Program and SAM Emerging Leaders Program. Through these programs I was exposed to new concepts and effective techniques that enhanced my professional knowledge. I appreciate the support provided by SAMH Management towards investing in youth and providing trust and opportunities to fresh graduates.
- Shaikha Al Marzooqi
Employee Since 2017
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