Business Activities

In a rapidly evolving, complex, dynamic, and mercurial market, Sharjah Asset Management is ready to grab opportunities and create avenues that will benefit the UAE and the Emirate of Sharjah.

Sharjah Asset Management

We invest in the Future of Sharjah

The aim is to develop policies and procedures and mobilize internal Asset Management teams to build core capabilities and competencies.

Corporate Ventures

The New Business Venture (NBV) team develops innovate business ideas inspired by the latest trends

Real Estate Development

Expand and Enhance its real estate portfolio by investing in assets across verticals.

Real Estate Asset Management

Manage, Enhance, invest in current and new real estate developments and provide support to SMEs

Commercial Ventures

Identify potential joint venture opportunities to boost the econoy and improve national competitivness.

Strategic Partnerships

Form alliances with private and government sectors to provide innovative products and services.

Private Equity Investments

Invest in non-listed companies with active or passive involvement depending on the type of business.

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